CLIENT: Hal’s Pizza promises their customers an authentic Italian pizza made with fresh
local ingredients. An important part of the company’s unique value proposition is that they produce their own dough from our imported from Italy. To compliment the unique and authentic flavor of the dough, Hal’s sources fresh meat and vegetables from local farmers. This business model also allows Hal’s to maintain a competitive edge by keeping costs low and ensuring product quality.

iot pizza soltution

To maintain product freshness, the company utilizes a series of logistics, transportation and storage-based services. Raw materials are delivered to manufacturing facilities and then forwarded to store locations using refrigerated trucks. As their business is highly dependent on many perishable items, it is important that they keep a constant temperature range for all items throughout the distribution cycle.

Everyone knows you can’t sell pizza without cheese and especially not without dough. Due to recent extremes in weather patterns, Hal’s has unfortunately experienced too many instances of unusable ingredients showing up at stores due to excess heat or extreme cold. Hal’s has built a loyal customer following by offering fresh, quality ingredients and store managers aim for nearly zero stock-outs because they know more than a few unhappy reviews could be bad for business.

iot pizza

SOLUTION: Perishable goods need extra care to make sure they arrive fresh and Hal’s can achieve this by incorporating GeoTraq’s Cell-ID technology into their refrigerated truck fleet. Devices enabled with sensors for temperature monitoring can relay status information at scheduled intervals and sensors can be programmed with thresholds to send alerts in the event of any deviation from predefined settings.

internet of things pizza solution

IMPACT: All information and alerts can be viewed by any employee who has access to a web enabled device. The ability remotely monitor temperatures as inventory moves to and from the manufacturing facilities allows Hal’s to achieve and maintain the kind product consistency that will keep their customers happy and coming back for more.


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