Due to the growing population of aging adults who are in continuous need of more home-based services, many home health agencies are facing staffing challenges. The reasons vary from finding people who are willing to travel long distances in inclement weather to problems that come with an aging workforce who lack strong computer and documentations skills.

Medical Remote IoT Monitoring.jpg

Faced with a limited number of staff and a small inventory of expensive medical equipment, agencies can make the most of their human and physical assets with resource optimization. Applying Internet of Things (IoT) technology to the home healthcare industry can pave the way to more effective and efficient care.

Patient Monitoring: Ideal for non-critical chronic care, GeoTraq connected devices can transmit daily treatment results and device usage data to medical providers using remote verification. This information will increase the accuracy of patient monitoring by allowing the progress of treatment regimens to be easily tracked by doctors.


Patient Benefits: Home Health agencies will also save costs on labor and transportation for home visits. The benefit of labor avoidance is that it will allow quality of care to increase as more staff becomes available to spend time at home visits that require additional time for skilled care and complex treatments.

GeoTraq enabled devices will also be able to provide location updates to ensure medical equipment is located in an appropriate place and generate an alert if it malfunctions.

Managing Medical Costs with Remote Patient IoT Monitoring.jpg

Care Provider Benefits: In addition to the above benefits, using connected devices will also allow home health agencies to be more competitive. Coupled with the reduced cost of care, agencies will be able to charge less for the use of medical equipment, attract more customers and ultimately generate higher pro ts for a significant ROI through the use of GeoTraq technology.


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