GeoTraq is working with a packaging is a company that specializes in the distribution of fresh meat, seafood and produce. Since every product being shipped and consumed must be packaged, they are often approached by companies looking for unique solutions to transport perishable products.

Our newest client, a seafood product distributor, has been delivering freshly caught seafood from the eastern US coast to specialty restaurants and grocery chains for decades. To capture a new market segment, the distributor has decided to add a new service to their business model that involves shipping fresh seafood directly to customer homes within 24 hours of being removed from the ocean.


Dedicated to ensuring a traceable supply chain, the seafood distributor is adamant about maintaining a reputation for consistency and delivering the freshest possible goods to their customers. Eager to comply with federal regulatory standards, they know that from the moment sh lands on their fishing vessels to the moment it reaches the customer’s doorstep, it is their responsibility to remove hazards that would compromise the product and ultimately the customers health.


In order to help their clients provide next level service, the packaging company has decided to incorporate GeoTraq’s Cell-ID technology into the framework of their boxes. To achieve this, the packaging company will build a permanent compartment into each seafood box for a device that will monitor the internal temperature of the box as well as its location and report the exact temperature of the box when its opened at its nal destination.


This smart shipping container will not only allow the seafood distributor to negotiate lower insurance premiums due to the reduced likelihood
of spoilage and potentially food-borne illness, they will readily be able to address any disruptions in quality along their supply chain. This new way of providing ocean to table quality ensures an exceptional level of customer service and adds a highly e ective layer of quality control.

As a high demand necessity, packaging must increasingly satisfy many demands relative to safety, convenience, efficiency and identification. Moving forward, the packaging company will be able to o er Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart boxes as part of their menu of service offerings to new and existing clients.


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