Global Freight Tracking – Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) tracking and monitoring devices

Supply chain professionals know the cost of cargo loss isn’t just limited to theft and dam- age. Lots of other financial costs manifest in the form of higher insurance claims, replacement shipments and lost revenues from cancelled deliveries.

In 2004, The National Cargo Security Council (NCSC) estimated that the global financial impact of cargo loss exceeded $50 billion annually. Rather than decreasing, that number rose to around $55 billion in 2015 according to a report by BSI which can be read here.

cargo shipping iot

While several companies use enhanced security features like satellite tracking and metal locks, GPS can be ineffective if indoors or stacked beneath other containers. Locks are often made with a brittle cast iron material that can be broken within 30 seconds.

In order to curb these losses, logistics managers would benefit from the use of an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) tracking and monitoring device. If cellular enabled, a device can provide world wide coverage and work in any location without worry about signals becoming blocked by buildings or stacked containers, a typical drawback with GPS.


Third party logistical providers who commonly have an issue with recurring physical dam- age to cargo can have a sensor attached to the cell-id enabled device that will monitor movement, temperature or humidity. When a predetermined threshold has been reached, an alert will be sent to the appropriate administrators who can then take immediate action to remedy the situation.

The introduction of IoT-enabled technology into highly interdependent logistical networks will have far-reaching payoffs for many players along the value chain.


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